Stefano De Panfilis

07 September 2008

Open Framework for Future Internet



Stefano De Panfilis is the Director of the Research & Development Laboratories Department of Gruppo Engineering, leading a team of about 100 researchers in Italy and Europe. His interests are in software engineering, with a particular care of process customisation, support, monitor, and control. Currently, he is coordinating QualiPSo (IST 6FP), an Integrated Project aiming at leverage Open Source Software development to widely recognised industrial standards, leading a consortium of more than 20 partners spanning Europe, Brazil and China. He actively participated since its beginning to the creation and setting up of the NESSI ETP of which he is the Coordinator of the Strategic Research Agenda Committee. He is member of the Board of ObjectWeb and member of several international conferences Program Committees.

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Francesco Pizzetti

08 September 2008

President of the Italian Data Protection Authority
Joint Invited Talk SEC2008 - OSS2008



Francesco Pizzetti was born on November 21, 1946. He is President of the Italian data protection authority. He is Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Turin's Faculty of Law, Professor at the Link University of Malta in Rome and has held academic offices at other Italian universities. He advised Italian governments on constitutional law and public administrative law (1987-2001), and served as deputy-mayor of Turin (1990-1993).
He has also served the government on several conferences and commissions and was Director of the Italian Superior School of Public Administration from 1998 to 2001. He is a member of the Council of the Presidency of the Italian Administrative Judiciary and a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Association of Constitutional Law.
He has performed extensive research on Italian and European Constitutional Law, concentrating on Italian Constitutional Reform, federalism, and developing a complex system of governance within the European framework and legal order. He has also written several books, papers and articles on constitutional law and administrative reform, in paricular "Rilevanza e non manifesta infondatezza nel giudizio in via incidentale", with G. Zagrebelski (Milano, 1972), "Rigidità e garantismo nella costituzione spagnola" (Casale, 1979), "Federalismo, regionalismo e riforma dello Stato" (Torino, 1996), "Il nuovo ordinamento italiano tra riforme amministrative e riforme costituzionali" (Torino, 2001), and "L'ordinamento costituzionale italiano tra riforme da attuare e riforme da completare" (Torino, 2003).

Ernesto Damiani

08 September 2008

Trends in Open Source Assurance

Open source systems (OSS) and components are playing an increasingly important role in enterprise ICT infrastructures: also, OSS operating system and database platforms are often bundled into complex hardware-software products in mission and safety-critical applications. Still, OSS adopters often have only anecdotal evidence of some crucial non-functional properties of open source systems, including performance, dependability and security-related ones. This talk, will provide some background on emerging trends of using open source for industrial-strength application and discuss how the assurance activities of open source software can be carried out to satisfy the needs of business users.


Ernesto Damiani is a professor at the Dept. of Information Technology, University of Milan, where he leads the Software Architectures Lab and is the Head of the Ph.D. program in computer science. Prof. Damiani holds/has held visiting positions at several international institutions, including George Mason University (Fairfax, VA, US), LaTrobe University (Melbourne, Australia) and Sydney University of Technology (Australia). He has written several books, including the forthcoming "Open Source Security Certification" to be published by Springer, and filed several international patents; also, he co-authored more than two hundred research papers on advanced service-oriented architectures, open source software and business process design, software reuse and Web data semantics. Prof. Damiani is a Senior Member of IEEE and the Chair of IFIP WG 2.6 and the vice-chair of IFIP WG 2.13 on Open Source Software Development. He coordinates several research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and by private companies including Siemens Mobile, Cisco Systems, ST Microelectronics, BT Exact, Engineering, Telecom Italy and others.

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Fabrizio Capobianco

09 September 2008

A Successful Business Model for Open Source Systems

Monetizing open source is like walking a tight-rope. One one side, you have to preserve a great relation with your community; on the other side, you have to create revenues to sustain your business. Many models have been tried. Some have failed. Few have succeeded, so far. While we are still waiting to see which model will actually scale, a looming change is in front of us: Software as a Service. How do you protect OSS code in a SaaS environment? How do you monetize a dual licensing strategy in this case? What if consumers are used to free services and do not want to pay a license anymore? In this keynote we will look at future scenarios, proposing a possible sustainable OSS business model for the networked world.


Fabrizio Capobianco is CEO of Funambol, the mobile open source company. Fabrizio is both a serial entrepreneur and a veteran executive, with work experience that includes stints at Reuters and Tibco. He founded the first Italian Web company, Internet Graffiti, in 1994. Capobianco holds a Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Pavia, Italy. He was recognized in 2007 as a top "40 under 40" leader by American Venture Magazine and by the readers of Mobile Village for being a mobile email visionary. He writes a blog that was voted among the 20 best in the wireless industry (


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